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spices from megalaya

3 Important Spices from Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India, is known for its rich culture and diverse cuisine. One of the most distinctive aspects of Meghalayan food is the use of spices. It is also used in other parts of the world and other cookings of the world. Spices not only add flavor and depth to the dishes […]
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The Health Benefits of Ginger You Should Know About

The Health Benefits of Ginger You Should Know About

Ginger’s possible health advantages include:   Your immune system may benefit from it. You’re probably familiar with ginger’s signature spicy, aromatic fragrance and flavour. That’s because gingerol, a substance with antioxidant capabilities to enhance your immunity, is to blame. For a quick health boost, try preparing a gingery salad dressing or sipping ginger tea.   […]
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