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Arabica Coffee Beans – 300gms

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  • From the House Of Beewel : Bring home the taste of soothing bliss with Beewel’s Arabica medium roast whole bean made with speciality grade ,freshly roasted . Single origin straight from Mercara gold estate, the choicest plantations from coorg. Brew up our Arabica coffee which will always the hit the right spot in your heart.
  •  Is it a single origin coffee : Yes Beewel’s Arabica beans is a single origin coffee sourced from Mercara Gold estate – Coorg which makes the special and flavourful.
  • 20 years of expertise: Mercara Gold estate has been roasting coffee for the last 20 years in coorg.
  •  Recommended brewing methods : South Indian filter, espresso, French Press,Turkish Bezve, Aeropress,Percolater or Moka Pot
  • Roast level : Medium Roast
  • Tasting Notes : Fruity , Strong & Citrus
  • A Great Balance of Flavours give you the authentic taste of Speciality grade single origin Arabica coffee.
  • Roasted in small batches to give you the freshness every time.
  •  Packed in Glass Jars to retain its aroma and freshness.

Have you ever heard the saying that ‘good things take time’? If yes then let us tell you that the saying is not only limited to life events but sometimes can relate to the abiotic entity we cannot possibly live without, no we are not talking about success, but rather an aroma you start your day with, Coffee.

Originally originated in Ethiopia, Over the course of time, Coffee Beans have changed drastically with the advent of newer technology, hybrid crops and topographical specialities. The coffee powder extracted from coffee beans, as we know it today, is an input that has gone through a lot of evolution but still stands as an irreplaceable ingredient of a delicious brew.

At Beewel, we secure and manage tie-ups with farmers in the far-flung corners of the country and hence ensure the bring to you the best coffee beans for your coffee in the most convenient fashion. And if coffee beans in India are being debated, the regional speciality of Coorg cannot be missed out upon. Situated in the high altitudes of North Eastern India, the Mercara gold estate in Coorg is known for extraordinary topography and climate conditions and hence is capable of imparting a fresh and aromatic flavour to your coffee beans.

Beewel 100% especially grade Arabica is a medium roast coffee of single origin carefully garnered from the high altitudes of Coorg. Offering you the original taste and authentic aroma of arabica coffee, Beewel arabica coffee beans are packaged in an environment-friendly glass jar to provide you with the best without damaging the environment.

Shop from Beewel and taste the goodness of the assorted coffee beans in the most conducive manner from the comfort of your home. With a synergetic chain of production and an equally aligned mode of operations, our team at Beewel works relentlessly to provide you with the best of nature in the most convenient way possible.
Shop now at Beewel and taste the goodness of nature.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the Mercara Gold Estate from Coorg?
A: The Mercara Gold Estate is a coffee plantation located in Coorg, a district in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The estate produces high-quality Arabica coffee beans.

Q: Is Beewel Arabica Beans from a single origin?
A; Yes Beewel Arabica beans are sourced from single origin Mercara Gold estate from Coorg.

Q: What is Arabica coffee?
A: Arabica is a species of coffee plant that produces high-quality coffee beans that are highly prized for their flavour and aroma.

Q: What does “medium roasted” mean?
A: Medium roasted refers to a roast level for coffee beans. It falls between light and dark roast, and the beans are roasted until they reach a medium brown colour. Medium roast coffee is known for having a balanced flavour profile that is not too bitter or too acidic.

Q: What are whole beans?
A: Whole beans are coffee beans that have not been ground into a powder. They are used to make coffee by grinding them into the desired consistency and then brewing them in hot water.

Q: What makes medium roasted Arabica beans from Mercara Gold Estate special?
A: The medium roasted Arabica beans from Mercara Gold Estate are special because they are sourced from a high-quality plantation in Coorg, which is known for producing some of the best coffee in India. The beans are carefully roasted to a medium level to bring out their unique flavour profile, which is described as having notes of chocolate, nuts, and fruit.

Q: What is Coorg?
A: Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a district in the south western Indian state of Karnataka. It is known for its coffee plantations and scenic beauty.

Q: What makes Arabica coffee beans special?
A: Arabica coffee beans are known for their complex flavours and aromas, as well as their lower caffeine content compared to Robusta beans. They are generally considered to be of higher quality than Robusta beans.


1 review for Arabica Coffee Beans – 300gms

  1. Neelam Jaiswal

    Not used beans before but it’s nice

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