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Wild & Uttarakhand Honey (Combo Pack)


  • At Beewel, we care for your health & overall wellbeing, we directly source from award winning farmers, beekeepers & Women’s cooperative societies without any middlemen. All our products are unadulterated without any preservatives, artificial colour, chemicals.
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The Tulsi honey is one of the most potent combinations of natural actives. Rich in essential oils, eucalyptus is often used in aromatherapy to enhance relaxation. Further, when paired with honey’s powerful qualities, this wellness product provides you with ample health benefits.

Our Tulsi Honey is also a great source to nourish your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals required for a completely healthy body. Let’s have a look at some of the added advantages of including this wellness product in your daily life:

Primarily associated with Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine, honey and cinnamon are two naturally powerful ingredients that provide the users with multiple wellness benefits. Also referred to as a natural healer, the combination of these two ingredients has great curing powers for several diseases.

With nature’s most powerful healers coming together under one formulation, the benefits enriched to the human body are tremendous. Let’s learn more about the amazing benefits of cinnamon-infused honey.


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