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Raktbeej Honey – 250 g



  • Raktbeej honey is a product of the giant killer bees, which is filled with bee pollen.
  • It contains natural minerals, vitamins, micro enzymes, and Amino acids.
  • It is a perfect alternative to sugar and helps in building strong immunity.
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Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh are the three states from where Raktbeej honey is collected. The forests of Gomarda, Sarandha, and Nishanharh are the primary sources of collection. The Raktbeej honey is produced by bees who are natively known as killer bees. Their hives are high up on the tree branches with eighty thousand to one lakh bees. The honey is thick and black with a natural smoky aroma.

The forests where Raktbeej honey is found are densely populated with many therapeutic herbs. The local tribes like Kamiha, Jamunetri, Yashodeva thrive in these regions. The honey is praised due to its purity, color, and consistency.

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