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Jharkhandi Honey – 250 g



  • Jharkhandi honey is filled with antioxidants which is helpful for people of all ages.
  • The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal quality of this honey makes it much more demanding.
  • This honey helps in boosting your immunity and improving your digestion.
  • Being a proper substitute for sugar, the Jharkhandi honey helps in managing your weight too.
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Jharkhandi Honey is collected from the Saranda forest of Jharkhand which is monopolized by the Naxalites. Besides wild animals and species, Sarand is also endowed with more than five hundred types of medicinal plants, which make them one of a kind.

The forest, filled with the rarely found apis dorsata and apis laboriosa bees, are known to produce the purest honey nature can offer. These honey bees collect nectar from flowers of tall native grasses, named “Kangira Koma” which grows only during the months of June and July.

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