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Mountain Honey – 500 g

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  • Helps the body combat various respiratory issues like cough, cold, & sore throat, among other related nasal diseases.
  • It is a great composition that supports a healthy digestive system, ultimately adding to improved immunity for your body.
  • Premium form of vitamins & minerals helps relieve nutrient deficiency, adding to an improved lifestyle.
  • A natural source for purifying your blood, it helps prevent acne and maintain smooth, radical-free skin.
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Also known as ‘Multiflora’ honey, the Mountain honey is a rich honey composition extracted from multiple floral areas. Comprising of probiotics, enzymes, and several other premium forms of nutrients in its natural composition, this multiflora honey helps improve the body’s immune system.


Naturally produced by honeybees, which feed on the multiple flowers usually in the springtime, the mountain honey comes with a delightful aromatic aroma and a unique flavor. Its effective composition helps combat cough, flu, and cold symptoms, among other such infectious diseases. Let’s learn more about the fantastic benefits of mountain honey.

Mountain honey, wild honey, and organic mountain honey These are the titles and words that are applied to organic honey that is produced naturally. Some refer to honey that is entirely natural and whose production involves no human intervention as organic wild honey, while others refer to it as mountain honey or organic mountain honey. In order to qualify as organic mountain honey, it must not be created by bees in artificial hives; instead, the organic honey and wax must be produced on tree trunks or in cracks in cliffs and rocks. To buy organic mountain honey online visit our site.

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Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 21 cm

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