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M.P. Sihore Gehu (Wheat) Chapati Atta (Fine) – 1 kg


  • The best-quality Sharbati Wheat is procured from the Sihore & similar regions of Madhya Pradesh for producing Taste for Life’s Whole Wheat Atta.
  • This Whole Wheat Flour is processed as per the traditional chakki-grinding process to maintain freshness & nutritional value.
  • Only Fully-grown grain is used to manufacture this chapati flour.
  • The size of the Wheat Bran is adjusted according to the type of flour which makes chapati stay soft for more than 8 hours.

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Why do we recommend Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Whole Wheat Atta?
Chapati stays soft for more than 8 hrs:
Small and underdeveloped grains are removed and only fully grown grains are passed for the chakki grinding process.
Since the size of the Bran is maintained according to the type of Atta, chapati made from this Atta will remain soft for more than 8 hrs.
Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Whole Wheat Atta ensures essential nutrients:
Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Whole Wheat Atta contains all three parts of the wheat grain: Wheat Bran, Endosperm & Germ.
The Bran & Germ part of the wheat grain holds essential minerals & vitamins which makes the Whole Wheat Atta more beneficial in terms of nutrition than the white wheat flour (Maida).
The Wheat Grain used is cleaned as if washed:
The wheat grain used for the preparation of wheat Atta is thoroughly cleaned as if washed. Additionally, the dust/powder from the creases of the wheat grain is removed by vacuum during the cleaning process, ensuring the Atta is highly hygienic for consumption.
Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Bran-rich Wheat Atta offers 50 more chapatis in a month:
100% Bran rich- Whole Wheat Atta absorbs more water resulting in a 15% increase in the no. of chapatis made, equivalent to additional 50 chapatis in a month.
No added preservatives & Colors:
Moisture is controlled throughout the manufacturing process which ultimately increases the shelf life of the Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Whole Wheat Atta.

Nutritional facts: (per 100gm Whole Wheat Atta)
Energy:359.3 Kcal
Fats:1.9 gm


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