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According to a study, almost 30-40% of the world’s population consumes coffee, so the market is also huge. Besides, coffee has become a part of many people’s lifestyles.


Whenever you’re in a cafe, have you ever wondered why they call their coffee single origin?

Have you ever noted it down? Do we need to care about that? What does it even mean?


You may have many questions about single-origin coffee; It is necessary to know the terms and why they are important. Let us make it clear to you.


What do you mean by single origin?


Usually, in the market, all the coffee powders are not natural, and even you would experience some inorganic pollutants being added to the coffee powder. When almost 40% of the world’s population consumes coffee, its authenticity is questioned. Hence farmers and manufacturers started the concept of single-origin coffee.


Now, you can avail the source of your Coffee Powder, which denotes where it was cultivated and which nation it belongs to; even you can know the region where it was harvested.


If you know the source, you can easily trace the origin, and there will be no blend in the coffee powder. Finally, you will get a rich quality coffee on your bench. 


Note: Your coffee will depict the single producer’s origin and processes.


Increasing Popularity 


In the 21st century, everybody wants invention, and something needs to be invented; that’s how fast we are moving. In this digital era, all the old-fashioned things and practices needed were reinvented for the new generation and even by Gen Z.


Moreover, people are exploited with many resources, so it is impossible to manipulate your customer. You have to be the best in the business, and hence you need to raise the quality of your coffee, or else you will throw out your business. 


The specialty of single-origin coffee is its traceability, and it moreover depicts its farm, land, people, cultivator, and processing too. Hence you can’t avoid the increasing popularity of single-origin coffee.


Increasing Demand


What impact has the rising demand for single origins had on production, then?


Our market influence is sufficient to change farming practices. In response to our demand, some farmers—referred to as specialty farmers—are creating and enhancing high-quality crops. Some people experiment with the varieties or cultivars they choose, the growth stage they can control, the times and methods of harvesting, and the milling and processing techniques.


Does direct trade equal coffee quality?


All these experiments would have never occurred if not for direct trade. Usually, the process is that farmers harvest the seeds and give them to roasters, and then roasters will engage in the remaining process.


This process may take months, and you never know what is happening between the days. Hence your coffee quality will be affected. What if all the process is happening in the same place? Sounds good, right?


Hence the concept of single-origin coffee is arrived to enhance the coffee experience of the customers. As customers, the next time you go to a cafe, appreciate good coffee to avail them more, or else you might receive good quality coffee. In this way, all of them are benefited. 


Isn’t it exciting? You are also a part of something in producing well. 

The feel is surreal.


Where can you get single-origin coffee?


Now you know a little about single-origin coffee, now what’s next?

Wherever you go, you will seek single-origin coffee. Wander around the world for the best single-origin coffee if you are inspired by them.


You may not wander all around the world, but you should know this,

At Beewel, we source single-origin coffee from Mrs. Shilpa, and our coffee is from Mercara Gold Estate Coorg. 


You can check out our website for all information about our source. Leave us a comment.




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