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megalaya spices

Close your eyes and picture a hot, finger-licking biryani, creamy paneer butter masala, and an evening cup of masala chai! You’ve started to drool, so we know! However, what do we all recall? It must be the flavor of those delicacies that enchants us.


Spices have an enduring mystique, from their fascinating past throughout time to the delicate flavors that still arouse taste buds and soothe bodies and minds. Even today, India, the birthplace of spices, continues to be awash in various enticing aromas, from the southern seashores of Kerala to the northeastern hills of Meghalaya.


With spices, food is possible. Even the most basic dishes take on a new personality with just a tiny touch of spice—perhaps a sliver of ginger, a clove of garlic, or a dash of turmeric. Enough to drive off the blandness, and a blushing, temptingly scented dinner appears in its place. That is spice’s secret power!


The Captivating side of aromatic spices:

According to studies, spices have been demonstrated to improve a person’s health and beauty.


Although tiny, their odoriferous molecules are so seamlessly incorporated into our cooking that our meals are transformed into fabulous new creations, mouthwatering and tongue-drooling mixtures of eye-catching colors with a riot of flavors to match! Food’s joy comes from its spices. They gently remind us to savor our meals!


India, where spices come from, a meal is never complete without the enchanted blend of masalas—subtle taste, flavor, and color enhancers that never cease to excite the palate and warm the heart.


It is hardly surprising that India is the world’s largest exporter and consumer of spices. Certain cities and villages were named “spice cities ” to encourage the trade in spices.”


Exploring Meghalaya’s Potential for Growing High-Value Spices


High-value spice cultivation has enormous and considerable potential in Meghalaya. The potential is locked up, and the state is still mostly undiscovered. The rich biodiversity, diverse climatic zones, and varying degrees of elevation make this state the ideal location for growing varieties of high-value spices.


One will start to realize the possibilities when one considers how the farmers of Meghalaya have been cultivating these spices for endless years. These farmers are experts at producing these spices using time-honored techniques handed down from generation to generation.


Is Meghalaya’s best-kept secret Lakadong turmeric?


Turmeric from Lakadong is believed to be three times as potent as typical turmeric.


According to sources, ordinary turmeric has a curcumin content of 2 to 3%, while Lakadong turmeric is claimed to have a curcumin content of 7 to 12%. Lakadong turmeric is thought to have more excellent health and culinary benefits than regular turmeric because of its high curcumin level. It makes sense that one of Meghalaya’s most sought-after spices is this organically grown kind.


Wrapping up:


Meghalaya has enormous potential for producing spices, but the government must provide the necessary encouragement. Turmeric, the third most crucial spice export product, could be one area of focus. Lakadong turmeric from Meghalaya has the highest known curcumin level (12%), which might change everything and make the state a turmeric hotspot.


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