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Positive Effect of Spices on Food Ssfety and Preservation

Food is the one basic needs of every living organism. With an increasing population and people with a variety of food preferences, We can easily prepare a lot of ready-to-eat meals which could be consumed during travel and when we are away from home. For preparing that kind of ready-made, ready-to-cook meal, learning food preservation is absolutely necessary.


Ready-made packed foods have a lot of added preservatives that are harmful to health. But you can easily preserve the food easily with the help of natural preservatives. 


Spices are the best source of natural food preservation in addition to the numerous health benefits associated with them. 


Spices‘ role in food preservation :

 Spices are one of the key ingredients present in each and every Indian Household. Naturally, Indian Spices have been used in various food preservation from ancient times. 


Compared to other food preparation methods, preserving food with the help of spices is a relatively easy and healthy process. 


Most people don’t have proper knowledge regarding the preservation of food with the help of spices which has a lot of healthy benefits. 


Instead of using vinegar and other artificial preservatives, We could use natural preservation techniques like canning, drying, smoking, freezing, and drying, which could keep all the microorganisms at bay if you want the food to last longer.


Black pepper : 

Black pepper has microbe and fungi-resistant properties, making it a perfect recipe for the protection of foods. It is mainly used to preserve jams, pickles, and some specific candy-type sweets. Using black pepper in your food prolongs your food for about one month if the proper preservation methods are followed.  


Cumin seed : 

Just like salt, cumin has been used as a food preservative in Egypt since ancient times. Its natural and antioxidant properties make the food healthy and preserve the food for a longer period of time. Cumin seed adds extra spiciness and tanginess and adds a special flavor to your food. 


Mustard seeds : 

Mustard has a unique ability to ward off microbes and prevents the food-spoilage for a longer period of time. Mustard seed is considered food waste for a longer period of time before the food preservatives are discovered.


Ginger : 

Ginger is a marvelous spice that prevents an unsettled stomach, prevents the flu, and increases saliva production. This spice has anti-microbial and anti-carcinogenic properties, making it a great choice preservative for preserving foods 


These are the few advantages we have while using spice in food preservation. But in order to make the food spices, worthy and good which helps to make your overall well being as healthy. 


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