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Lakadong Turmeric Powder: The Golden Spice with a Difference

Turmeric, a spice with numerous health benefits, has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. However, not all turmeric powders are created equal. One variety that stands out from the rest is Lakadong turmeric powder. In this article, we’ll explore the unique qualities of Lakadong turmeric powder and how it differs from other turmeric powders.

What is Lakadong turmeric powder?

Lakadong Turmeric powder is a variety of turmeric that is grown in the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya, a state in Northeast India. This region is known for its fertile soil, cool climate, and abundant rainfall, which makes it ideal for growing turmeric. Lakadong turmeric powder is made by grinding the dried roots of the Lakadong variety of turmeric, which is known for its high curcumin content.

What sets Lakadong turmeric powder apart?

High Curcumin Content

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that is responsible for its numerous health benefits. Lakadong turmeric powder contains a much higher percentage of curcumin, it contains 7-11% where as normal turmeric contains 1-2%. Making it a more potent source of this beneficial compound.

Aromatic and Flavourful

Lakadong turmeric powder is prized for its strong aroma and robust flavour. Its fragrance is more intense than other turmeric powders, and its taste is less bitter and more earthy. This makes it a preferred choice for culinary purposes, especially in Indian cuisine.

Grown Using Traditional Methods

The Lakadong variety of turmeric is grown using traditional farming methods, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. This ensures that the turmeric is free from harmful chemicals and retains its natural flavour and aroma.

Rich in Antioxidants

Lakadong turmeric powder is rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress. Its high curcumin content makes it an even more potent antioxidant than other turmeric powders.

How to use Lakadong turmeric powder?

Lakadong turmeric powder can be used in a variety of ways, just like any other turmeric powder. Here are some popular ways to use Lakadong turmeric powder:

In curries and other Indian dishes: Lakadong turmeric powder adds a beautiful golden colour and earthy flavour to curries and other Indian dishes.

In smoothies and juices: Add a teaspoon of Lakadong turmeric powder to your smoothies or juices for a healthy dose of antioxidants.

In tea: Mix Lakadong turmeric powder with hot water, honey, and lemon to make a soothing and healthy tea.

In conclusion, Lakadong turmeric powder is a superior variety of turmeric that stands out from the rest due to its high curcumin content, strong aroma and flavour, traditional farming methods, and rich antioxidant content. By incorporating Lakadong turmeric powder into your diet, you can enjoy the numerous health benefits of this golden spice in a more potent and flavourful form.

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