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How to Recognize the Authenticity of Organic Food

A lot of people consider organic food ( Foods that are prepared without using fertilizers ) as something special and impressive, but the fact is that before the green revolution ( 1967 to 1978 ), all the food that was grown in India was organic, i.e., without using proper fertilizers. The fun fact is that we need certifications for selling organic foods, and on the other hand, inorganic foods are consumable daily without many obligations.


Back in the ’60s and ’70s, they introduced the green revolution as a concept that could increase farmers’ productivity and double their income; it also stated that they would suffer only minimal losses. This made all the farmers switch from traditional farming to modern-day farming practices.


They promoted more usage of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, larvicides, and fungicides. All of them can kill the harmful organisms present in the field. But the fact is that they killed some of the useful microorganisms and earthworms. It severely affected the nutrient balance in the soil.


That is why most plants are sprayed with fertilizers, which have three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It affects the nutrient balance needed for the plants; hence, they can’t produce good quality vegetables and fruits. Due to this, our body is affected indirectly by many harmful diseases which affect our longevity.


The awareness about organic foods keeps increasing rapidly, and hence the authenticity of organic foods is questioned too. Since Beewel provides customers with the best source of organic products, we came up with a checklist for you to use to verify the authenticity of organic food products.


  1. Love the ugly


All the fancy ways of judging vegetables and fruits should not be considered when looking for organic products because all the products that are available naturally are not smooth, shiny, attractive, and uniform. Most likely, all the organic products will not fall into that category. All the natural products are uneven, rough, and not so shiny, and they might not be colorful. If you find anything sort of this, it’s most likely to be organic.


  1. Short & Sweet

You can’t keep on storing organic products for a longer period, but you can store inorganic products for a longer time it is because they are being produced by applying fertilizers, and hence they can affect your health too. Purchase a limited quantity of food products and consume them. Don’t store food products for a longer period of time. Make it short & sweet.


  1. The tale of smell

Yes, it is one of the evident methods to find the authenticity of foods. If at all you bring any fruits or vegetables to your house and all of a sudden everyone starts smelling the fragrance of that fruit or vegetable, it is organic. If you can’t feel the smell of a fruit or vegetable, it is mostly because of fertilizers and pesticides. Get the tale of smell to find out the best.


  1. Taste that punches you in the face

Conventional food products are not giving the taste as they are manipulated by many factors, but organic food products, on the other hand, give you a surplus taste with your food. 


For example, conventional spices are oil removed, and hence they can be stored for a longer time in the kitchen; because of it, they have to be added more in quantity for a better taste. In the case of organic spices, it is totally different. We at Beewel have certain forms of Indian Spices that are procured directly from the farmers, and we are happy to reveal our source. Make sure you have a better understanding of where your spices come from or whatever food product they may be. Just know the source of your food. 

So, taste is also a factor in checking out the authenticity of your food products. 


  1. Insects life 


Sometimes you may find insects and worms on your fruits and vegetables; it is because they aren’t sprayed with pesticides, and hence they are organic. Before consuming, make sure you are washing and removing the infected part of the food product. If possible, ask for a repayment. Most farmers won’t hesitate to pay back or get any products from them.


Finally, we have articulated all the factors to check the authenticity of a food product, and we are practicing what we are preaching. Yes, you can have all the details about our source of the product on the respective pages. We trust our farmers, and our customers trust us. Follow for more insightful pieces of information.


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