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How is Lakadong Turmeric Different from Other Turmeric


Do you know that turmeric, the spice that gives your food an enchanted golden color, is also loaded with health advantages? And did you know that turmeric is currently on the market and comes in a variety of crop species that are grown all over the world?


Okay, sure! There are many types of turmeric. One of the best varieties of turmeric is Lakadong, which is grown in the Meghalayan countryside. It belongs on your kitchen shelf.


Are you curious about the benefits of Lakadong Turmeric and how it differs from other varieties? Here is the solution. In the interim, this post will discuss the distinctions between Lakadong turmeric and regular turmeric as well as who could offer you the best Organic Spices.


1. Curcumin content

First, we’ll discuss Curcumin, the key component that gives turmeric its unique properties. The unique element that gives turmeric its vibrant colour and therapeutic properties is called curcumin. Therefore, the value of turmeric increases with its curcumin content. The amount of curcumin in lakadong turmeric is 7.5%, which is extremely high. While only 3% or even less curcumin is present in the other varieties. Lakadong turmeric is a well-liked medicinal spice as a result of its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its greater capacity to boost immunity.

2. Rich golden yellow color

The high curcumin content is also responsible for the rich golden hue of Lakadong turmeric. It provides a bright and deep yellow colour to the food that appeals to gourmets. The other varieties, on the other hand, give a dull and not so appealing appearance. So, organic Lakadong turmeric is best for culinary purposes.


3. Incredible taste

Lakadong turmeric has a taste that makes it quite distinct from the other varieties. The chemical composition of Lakadong gives it an earthy and nutty flavour that is indescribable. The unique profile of Lakadong is due to its cultivation that is done in natural and pure environmental conditions.


4. Pleasant aroma

The pleasant and mouth-watering aroma ofLakadong diffuses in the air as soon as it is added to the curries. The intense aroma lingers in the air and the mouth for a long. The satisfaction that this organic golden spice gives cannot be matched with other variants.


5. High potency 

Add a small amount of Lakadong turmeric to your curries and you see the magic which is hard to find with an even larger amount of regular turmeric. You get a better result and optimal potential, even with a lesser amount. The high potency of Lakadong turmeric gives it an edge over other varieties and makes it worthy of its price.


Thus, now knowing the differences, it is evident, Lakadong turmeric is better. It gives a better result to different recipes, has better medicinal properties, and is also cost-effective. It is thus, wise to replace your regular turmeric with Lakadong turmeric.

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