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Benefits of lakadong turmeric powder for health

The golden spice, Haldi has a great history that dates back to Mughal Era. Turmeric is said to be originated from the southern part of India, and Indonesia is said to have enormous health benefits. 

Turmeric has been a key part of the Indian food family for ages. It’s used for flavouring dishes, thanks to its aroma and slightly tangy taste. We consume turmeric in whole or grounded form. 

Curcumin is the secret compound present in this turmeric, and this compound varies from region to region and geographic conditions . The cumin content present in turmeric enhances the culinary experience and its taste. Lakadong Turmeric has around 10-15 % cumin content present in turmeric compared to other regional varieties, which have 2-3 % Turmeric is a must-use herb in food due to its health benefits. Lakadong turmeric is nearly cultivated in a cool climate, around 10-20 degrees centigrade compared to its counterparts. And traditional and organic farming methods adopted by Meghalaya Farmers. Lakadong turmeric has a unique edge among the other turmeric species varieties. 

Lakadong turmeric has incredible health benefits surpassing the other turmeric varieties due to its abundant cumin content.

1. Great inflammatory properties 

Inflammation is the body’s natural defense mechanism to prevent external agents like microbes, wounds, or cuts. Today’s world and sedentary lifestyle make inflammations in the face and the body chronic. Turmeric is known to have to prevent and reduce chronic inflammations. Turmeric can be consumed with food or applied externally on the inflamed position to reduce the extent of the inflammation. Unlike other allopathic medicines, which has other side effects, turmeric doesn’t have any side effect attributed to its usage in treating inflammation.


2. Anti-oxidants 

Anti-oxidants are chemical compounds that prevent aging and skin wrinkles and keep you young. Due to the fast-paced environment, Our human bodies emit a lot of free radicals 

which fastens your aging process. 

Oxidation of your human body cells causes a lot of diseases like Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, and Diabetes. 


Turmeric has a rich source of Anti-oxidants that helps in the physical well-being of our human body 


3. As an anti-depressant :

Ladakong Turmeric is said to have great anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to its abundant cumin content. These two elements help to reduce oxidative stress, which is the major cause of depression. Plus, no side effect property helps to make turmeric an unquestionable anti-depressant. 


4. An arthritis supplement:

One of the major problems in South Indian People is arthritis. Arthritis is caused due to inflammation of the joints. Ladakong turmeric, rich in Cumin, an anti-inflammatory compound, helps people, in the effective control of Rheumatic arthritis compared to other ayurvedic medications.

5. Reduce diabetes :

According to studies from Pubmedcentra’s research paper, turmeric helps to improve diabetic neuropathy in animals. And an extensive study is being undertaken to study its effectiveness in Humans. 


( We are a proud and responsible brand as we directly source our Lakadong turmeric from the 2020 Padma Shri awardee, Mrs. Trinity Saioo, who is considered to be the queen of Lakadong Turmeric in India and also leading the Lakadong Turmeric mission in association with the State government of Meghalaya. To shop our product, visit our home page or visit our Storefront on Amazon. 



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