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Amazing Advantages of Drinking Filtered Coffee

We live where a filter is essential, even for photographs. Filters are very essential for human life in the form of filter coffee.

We love filter coffee to the core. Filter coffee can cure everything from your love breakups to office stress. You can even name this as caffeine addiction.

Beewel has a perfect blend of organic coffee straight from the plantations of Coorg, which can hit the right spot on your beautiful heart. Along with its beautiful taste, Our organic filter coffee has incredible benefits.

Filter coffee keeps your heart safe :

Filter coffee is very healthy for the heart in comparison to other coffee preparation methods. Filter coffee filters the bad cholesterol while the filtering process takes place.


Digest better :

Having filtered coffee after a meal helps you to digest your meals better. Thanks to its rich fiber content. In addition to this, the Chicory blend present in our coffee helps to improve digestion after better.


Less acidity compared to other coffee varieties :

Filtered coffee is comparatively less acidic compared to other coffee varieties while maintaining the true essence of their coffee. This will help you to enjoy the coffee a lot without feeling acidity in your stomach due to coffee drinking.

Absence of additives and preservatives:

Our Beewel coffee is the absence of made with pure Coffee Beans procured from the choicest plantations of the Coorg District. It’s 100 % organic and is devoid of additives and preservatives. You could add sugar or milk bases to your coffee-drinking style.  

Improving your metabolism rate :

Coffee has rich antioxidants, which help you to boost your metabolism and aid you in assisting the weight loss journey. It’s advisable to drink black coffee without any added sugar/ milk to get your desired results in a much quicker way.

An abundant source of antioxidants

Antioxidants present in coffee help to improve the health problems like knee pain and heart attacks.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that it can be effective in reducing cancer development. But studies are under development to prove its effectiveness.

Reducing blood sugar:

The chicory present in the coffee contains fiber which helps you to lower blood sugar as well. Thus aiding in regulating diabetic concerns as well.


There are a lot of benefits when we consume coffee daily at regular intervals. And filter coffee has the unique advantage of less cholesterol compared to other coffee variants. You can make Beewel coffee effortlessly at home with the help of a filter.

Beewel Coffee Powder is sourced directly from the choicest plantains of Coorg and is directly ordered from our Website or Amazon. Beewel filter coffee gives an authentic aroma and original taste of Coorg hills and other things. Your aromatic, pleasant coffee is just a click away from reaching your home.

Keep tasting the Beewel authentic coffee while relaxing from your home, and keep the Monday blues away. Just Beewel for Be well

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