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6 Amazing Health Advantages of Cloves

Clove, also known as Syzygium aromaticum, is obtained from flower buds with a unique aroma obtained from evergreen trees. These flowers have their origin in china and had a spicy journey to Europe and Asia slowly.


Clove has significant health benefits, which are well known in the spice and medicine world. It has a great impact on maintaining liver health and normalizing the blood sugar levels in your body.


Clove is used in hot beverages and other spicy Indian cuisines. The common trick is to have hot masala tea in your beverages, which helps to keep the common- cold in India.


What are cloves?


India has access to various medical remedies thanks to ancient Unani Ayurveda Practitioners. Clove is used as a home remedy for various health conditions. They are a strong flavored aromatic spice that flavors various foods like Biriyani, Cookies, Curries, and other whole bread as well. It’s very hot, and it’s effective to cure colds and sore throats.


Health benefits of clove :

Clove has a lot of health benefits in addition to its abundance and the presence of nutrients. Its antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which inhibits chronic diseases like heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.


There are a lot of other health advantages of the clove,


AntioxidantAntioxidant capacity :


Clover is rich in a compound called Eugenol, which is a great antioxidant that helps in fighting against free radicals compared to other antioxidants. It helps to reduce cell damage which is the root -cause of various diseases.


The inclusion of clove, along with other Antioxidant food, helps to improve your health benefits.


Anti-inflammatory property :


Clove has an important chemical compound called Eugenol which reduces inflammation and prevention of arthritis and other chronic conditions.


Anti-cancer properties :

Clove‘s anti-cancer properties are highly elevated due to the presence of chemical cells called Eugenol. Some experimental observations also show that it has the ability to kill cancer cells which is the main cause of mouth and skin cancer.  


But the researches are still in the early stage to bolster its anti-cancer properties. Eugenol might affect pancreatic health if we consume them in large amounts.


Anti-diabetic properties :

Nigericin, an anti-microbial infection-resistant compound, reduces the chances of liver cirrhosis and other liver problems. Eugenol’s anti-inflammatory property seems to be helping to improve liver conditions.


Reducing ulcers :

 Stomach ulcers are nothing but tiny wounds in the stomach due to the depletion of the mucus layer in the stomach, which safeguards the stomach against the ulcers. Clove has certain chemicals which strengthen this layer. Clove oil also helps to increase the stomach mucus and prevents and decreases the probability of stomach ulcers.


Good for improving bone health :

 One of the most important problems in India is the reduction of bone density. Clove helps to prevent the conditions like osteoporosis, and bone density reduction, according to some studies conducted on animals in laboratory conditions. We need further research to prove its credibility in humans.


These are the amazing benefits of consuming and including clove in your food.


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