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About Us

being your trusted and transparent food partner

NO factories , 100% Authentic essentials directly from Award Winning Farmers & Beekeepers

being your trusted and transparent food partner

NO factories , 100% Authentic essentials directly from Award Winning Farmers & Beekeepers

Pure. Authentic. Beewel.

At Beewel, we’re passionate about bringing you the very best in authentic food essentials. We believe that great food starts with great ingredients, which is why we source directly from award-winning farmers and beekeepers across the country. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means you can enjoy delicious, healthy products that are good for you and good for the planet. Join us on a journey of flavor and discovery, and taste the difference that comes from Beewel’s dedication to excellence.”

A dream of a cancer survivor

Being a cancer survivor , I want to solve the problem of authenticity, adulteration and quality. When it comes to food, we all want to know what we are eating is authentic and not adulterated and also where it’s coming from. This is especially true for our daily consumables like Jams, sauces, spices, honey, oils, coffee, health supplements etc. Beewel with the mission of providing customers with only highest quality, authentic not only that but also providing the information where the products are coming from.

We are determined to create a food brand that would be completely transparent about its ingredients and sourcing .We source all our products only from best and award winning farmers and award winning bee keepers around the country. We personally visit each farm to ensure that the conditions are up to best standards. We package in glass jars with labels that list all of the ingredients and where they were sourced from. Customers can be sure that they are getting a product that is 100% natural and authentic.


our prestigious partnerships

Meghalaya Colletives

Initiative by Govt. of Meghalaya

Beewel and Meghalaya Collectives have joined forces to help farmers and beekeepers in Meghalaya overcome the challenges they face and establish a sustainable and profitable essential products industry. The partnership aims to create more market opportunities for these producers, address issues like limited market access and low prices, and build a strong marketing network to promote their products in India. Beewel’s expertise in marketing and distribution will benefit the farmers and beekeepers, who can improve their income and livelihoods through increased sales. This collaboration demonstrates how public-private partnerships can bring positive change to rural communities, benefiting all parties involved.

4 Core Values

~ Why Choose us? ~

We do not buy from open markets or traders

We provide you with quality goods and services. That’s why your order will be immediately processed as you place it on our website, and then delivered to your doorstep within a few days. Our store is the best place where you can buy honey online to make your life sugar free yet sweeter and healthier.
So Beewel assumes this responsibility to increase the usage and penetration by offering very wide range of honey not only from India but across the globe. Beewel is the only brand which has largest varieties of honey under 4 sub categories like Beewel Essential, Beewel Rare , Beewel Wellness and Beewel Classic . We have direct tie up with Bee Keeper and farmers who collects honey from deep interiors of different parts of India. Thus we also offer our bit in the Atmanirbhar abhiyan by helping farmers as well.
~ Our Vision ~

We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision

Our vision to bring every product which is being made from Honey under one roof by opening Our exclusive honey retail store under the brand The World of Honey. We would shortly opening our stores across India in all major cities. We are completely committed to take Honey product consumption to a next level which would offer unique taste & health benefits to consumers as well help beekeepers & farmers by increasing their income levels.

We at Beewel are equally conscious about the environment and hence we prefer to use glass bottles for the packaging. We also intent to offer employment to local women by empowering and making them financially independent. We are aware and concern about the pollution and its ill-effect on Honey bees . We intent to support all the major activities to safe guard the interests of all stakeholders , major being Honey Bees as some of the types of Honey bees are on the verge of extinction.

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